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Fake Alert: Long List of Islamophobic fake news which is going viral during Coronavirus Pandemic

Last Updated: May 16, 2020.  19:11 IST.
Note: Posts are arranged in reverse order to get the new posts first.
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Fake News 102: No article of the Indian Constitution prohibits teaching the ‘Gita’ and ‘Ramayana’ in schools
Claim: Article 30 allows madrasas to teach the Quran and Hadees in religious schools. Article 30(A) prohibits teaching the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Puranas in schools. Is this India’s “religious freedom”? Changing this is necessary.
Fact: 1. There is no article such as Article 30(A). 2. Article 30 of the Indian constitution deals with minority rights and does not prohibit teaching Hindu texts in schools.

Fake News 101: Images of Hindus attacked in Pakistan falsely linked with communal clashes in West Bengal’s Telinipara
Alt News found that the images are unrelated to the Telinipara clashes.

Fake News 100: Did TN govt direct temples to pay Rs 10cr to fund 5,450 tonne free rice to mosques?
In its article, OpIndia also claims that “unlike Muslims, Hindus don’t get anything in festivals”. Alt News found that cost to donate rice to 2,927 mosques is borne by the government exchequer. Since Reddy confirmed that no temples donated towards the CMPRF, their money could not have been utilised for free rice distribution to mosques. The annual initiative to offer free rice to mosques during Ramzan was introduced by late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in her 2001 term, as per a report by The Outlook.

Fake News 99: Old, unrelated video shared as brutality on Hindus in West Bengal
Twitter user Akash RSS shared the video and wrote, “The day Muslim population crosses 50% in India, this will be the condition of all Hindus,”. While Alt News was unable to locate any media reports, it is clear that the video is over a year old and cannot represent any recent incident from West Bengal.

Fake News 98: Video of attack on doctor in UP’s Aligarh shared with misleading narrative
Video of violence that took place in UP’s Aligarh on May 13 has been shared on social media with messaging highlighting the Muslim identity of the perpetrator but not the victim’s identity. This misled several users who believed that the attack had a sectarian angle.

Fake News 97: Video from March 20 viral as Muslims recently offering namaz in public in Delhi’s Patparganj
Twitter account of DCPEastDelhi replied to a Twitter user who had posted the viral video. “This is totally false. An old video is being used with a malicious intent to spread rumour,” wrote the police.

Fake News 96: Photos of sadhu injured in personal dispute in Vrindavan shared with false Bangladeshi angle
A set of photographs of an injured, bloodied sadhu is viral on social media. Posts and tweets claim that the Hindu ascetic was murdered by “Bangladeshi immigrants” in Vrindavan. They also suggest that the incident was communally-motivated as a “Hindu sadhu was killed by Muslims”. Mathura police in a reply to Sudarshan News tweeted “The news of Bangladeshi attackers is untrue.” 

Fake News 95: Unrelated image shared as the minor girl who was gang-raped in Rajasthan’s Tonk
An image has been doing the rounds on social media which shows a young woman who was allegedly gang-raped and murdered by four Muslim men in Rajasthan. The girl is alive, and the image shared by users on social media platforms is that of a woman who was murdered by her husband, a police personnel, in Haryana’s Hisar on 16 April.

Fake News 94: Suresh Chavhanke shares at least 5-year-old image as Telangana govt’s free gift during Ramzan
Chavhanke wrote in Hindi, “The Telangana government is offering free, special kits to Muslims for Ramzan On Hindu festivals Ramnavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Ugadi, it was forbidden to even step out of homes.”

Fake News 93: Gujarat: Mentally unstable man gives untimely azan at Bhuj Mosque, Arrested. – OpIndia uses the incident to spread Islamophobia
Sub Inspector KM Agravat of Bhuj A Division police station said As per the preliminary probe, the man appeared to be mentally unsound, did not have any objective in mind when he made inflammatory remarks from the mosque’s loudspeaker.

Fake News 92: Viral image of people pelting stones at security forces in J&K is two years old
A picture claiming that the people have started pelting stones at the security forces, after the killing of terrorist Riyaz Naikoo in Jammu and Kashmir has gone viral on social media. The image is from June 22, 2018.

Fake News 91: 2015 Video From Pakistan Falsely Linked To Shaheen Bagh, Lockdown
The clip is going viral with a false claim that the video shows women who participated in protests at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi against the Citizenship Amendment Act, were busted while carrying out a prostitution racket during the ongoing lockdown in India.

Fake News 90: No, nursing staff in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar did not resign due to misconduct by Jamaatis
On April 28, a screengrab of a news channel’s report on mass resignation by staff members of a medical facility in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar was shared with the false claim of the staff resigning over misconduct by members of Tablighi Jamaat.

Fake News 89: Video from Pakistan falsely shared as police raiding cloth shop during Ramadan shopping amidst lockdown
A video where several burkha clad women escaping from the window of a building is viral on social media. MediaScannerIN did a simple reverse image search of the video and found the same video posted on youtube on 30 June 2015. The caption of the video says “Sex workers fleeing after FIA raid at a brothel in Karachi”.

Fake News 88: An year old video resurfaces relating it to the COVID-19 by giving it a communal angle
A video is going viral on social media claiming that a Muslim man caught by the police, was creating havoc by pelting stones. The video shows him injured while held by the police. The posts viral are giving it a communal angle as well as relating it to the COVID-19 and the lockdown that has followed.

Fake News 87: Two-Year Old Photo Of Namaz Peddled As Lockdown Violation
A two-year-old photo from Uttar Pradesh is being shared with a false claim that Muslims in Tamil Nadu are flouting lockdown rules during Ramzan to offer night prayers.

Fake News 86: News 18 falsely links Kurla incident to Mosque
In a viral video, a mob can be seen heckling and abusing the police as they were in the Kurla pipeline area for Coronavirus related enforcement duty. Amish Devgan of News 18 falsely claimed that the people had gathered to do namaz at a masjid in the area. And the mob was attacking the police from the Mosque.

Fake News 85: Fact-check: Did a 26-member Muslim family test positive in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri?
Additionally, municipal councillor Bagri also confirmed that the 31-member list does not include a 26-member family. “I’m not sure why CM Kejriwal felt the need to highlight the 26-member family despite the data collected shows no such family,” she said.

Fake News 84: AIMIM leader Waris Pathan did not threaten cops to open mosques amid lockdown, 2016 video viral
A video of former AIMIM MLA Waris Pathan was shared by BJP MLA Arjun Singh with the claim that Pathan is threatening Mumbai police during the lockdown.

Fake News 83: Old video falsely shared as Muslims spitting on relief food during lockdown
 According to the accompanying claim, this is how members of the Muslim community involved in relief work during the lockdown are trying to spread coronavirus infection by spitting on the food. It claimed “Watch how our country’s Islamic brothers involved in relief work for the poor are trying to further spread coronavirus. Try to open your closed eyes.

Fake News 82: March 23 video from Maharashtra shared as Muslims gathering at mosque in Ahmedabad amid lockdown
A video of a group of people leaving a mosque is circulating on social media. It is being claimed that members of the Muslim community are gathering at a mosque in Ahmedabad’s Jamalpur amidst lockdown and flouting rules.

Fake News 81: Two Hindu Priests Killed In Bulandshahr; Police Rule Out Communal Angle
The incident was shared on social media with captions purportedly giving a conspiracy theory to it. A Hindi caption with the video of the crime scene reads ‘Two Hindu priests killed in UP’s Bulandshahr. This is a conspiracy of eliminating Hindu priests slowly’.

Fake News 80: BJP member Surendra Poonia falls for ‘oranges banned in Cyberabad’ satire
BJP member Major Surendra Poonia added a rather cringe-worthy message to the image, saying “now oranges are also being maligned in the name of sickularism darling for you. Looks like police in some states has started to impose Shariah. That day is not far when sindoor, mangalsootra, bindi and Om will also be banned. Sickularism Zindabad.”

Fake News 79: It’s Not True That A Corona Positive Grape Seller in JP Nagar, Bengaluru Was Spitting on Grapes to Spread the Virus
A video claiming that a covid-19 positive Muslim grape seller in JP Nagar, Bengaluru was trying to spread the virus by spitting on grapes is found in circulation.

Fake News 78: Zee News publishes 2015 story with false communal angle, claims human faeces served to non-Muslims
The Daily Mail report does not state that the restaurant owners used to serve unhygienic food to non-Muslim customers. Alt News found that BBC and The Guardian had also reported the incident in 2015. These reports also don’t carry the religion angle.

Fake News 77: Video from Jordan falsely shared as ‘Muslim leader recovered from COVID-19 in Pakistan died due to accidental firing during celebration’
video is being widely shared on social media claiming that a Muslim leader recovered from COVID-19 in Pakistan had died due to bullets fired accidentally during the celebrations on his return home. But, FACTLY has found that the video is related to an incident in Jordan, not Pakistan. 

Fake News 76: Attack On Seer In Punjab’s Hoshiarpur Viral With Communal Spin
The viral post claimed that Muslims have led the ‘Palghar-style’ attack. BOOM contacted Hoshiarpur police who termed the incident as a case of robbery and denied any communal angle.

Fake News 75: Viral Video Of Sexual Abuse Of Minors Is From Pakistan
The video has been tweeted by Postcard news founder Mahesh Vikram Hegde, who attempted to give a communal spin to the incident. The official Twitter handle of the Punjab Province Police in Pakistan retweeted a longer video of the incident and stated that the accused has been arrested and further legal action is being taken against him.

Fake News 74: Disabled Muslim man hounded for accidentally dropping currency, accused of spreading coronavirus
Alt News found that his right hand is paralysed after he had met with an accident. His right hand does not function properly which is why the notes fell out of his hand. A complaint has been filed against him for travelling from Valsad to Navsari during the lockdown.

Fake News 73: Jihad Will Continue Until All The Hindus, Christians, Buddhists Atheists Are Killed
The image of a man who was reportedly acquitted on an unrelated terror charge in India in 2014 is shared with a misleading message on social media. The image was in circulation in 2017 and 2018 with different captions. Now it is shared in a different language and context but the content is the same.

Fake News 72: Video Of Isla71mic Funeral Home In New York Viral With Communal Claim
BOOM found that the viral video was shot at an Islamic funeral home in Brooklyn, New York and not at an apartment of the Dawah group.

Fake News 71: Muslims Attacked Cops in Maharashtra’s Malegaon? It’s Fake News
“There is no communal angle to this. Muslims or Hindus didn’t come out to offer prayers. In fact, people had gathered to raise concerns regarding lack of essential services. A complaint has been filed based on the initial investigation.” – Sandip Ghuge, Additional SP of Malegaon

Fake News 70: False claim suggests Kurnool MLA Hafeez Khan forced nurse to wash Imam’s feet
Alt News found that the man had injured his feet and the nurse was attending to him. The situation was critical because the person was diabetic.

Fake News 69: Video of elderly Muslim vendor viral with false claim of sprinkling his urine on fruits
A video of an elderly man is viral on Social Media claiming that the man was sprinkling urine on the bananas which he was selling in Hindu localities of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.

Fake News 68: Image Of Cop Attacked In UP Shared With Communal Spin In West Bengal
An old image of a police personnel being kicked by a youth in Kanpur has resurfaced with claims that it is from West Bengal, where Muslims have been attacking the state police force.

Fake News 67: Palghar lynching incident falsely communalised on social media
CM Uddhav Thackeray has ruled out any communal angle in the incident and said that it had occurred as rumours about thieves roaming in the area were making the rounds.

Fake News 66: Videos viral with false claim of poor slum dwellers and Muslims hoarding food in Meerut
Two videos have gone viral with the claim that people from the Muslim community are hoarding food supplies and wasting food amidst the lockdown imposed to tackle coronavirus.

Fake News 65: Video of currency notes in Indore falsely viral as ‘Muslim conspiracy’ to spread coronavirus
Video where a few policemen are seen picking up notes with sticks from a roadside and placing them inside a bag is doing the rounds on social media. It is being claimed that a member of the Muslim community had thrown Rs 100, Rs 200 and Rs 500 notes to spread coronavirus.

Fake News 64: The viral alleged screenshot of actor Jaaved Jaaferi’s tweet is fake.
An image claimed as screenshot of actor @jaavedjaaferi‘s tweet went viral accusing him of saying “Hindus spreading hate”. Later smhoaxslayer found that it was edited image and he never tweeted it.

Fake News 63: News24 shares old broadcast of namaz at Jama Masjid multiple times to portray mass gathering
On Friday, April 17, Hindi media outlet News24 shared a video on Facebook titled,  “Cororna has changed the ways of worship, what is the atmosphere in Delhi’s Jama Masjid?” AltNews Zubair, confronted them and they replied “old video was shared by mistake and was taken down as soon as the mistake was realised.”

Fake News 62: Message Claiming Vinay Dubey’s Father’s Name is Mahmood is False
Dubey is the activist who was arrested by Mumbai police for allegedly inciting the migrant labourers who flouted the lockdown norms and gathered outside the Mumbai Bandra Terminus. His father name is Jatashankar Dubey and not Mahmood, as the message claims. Moreover, the photo shared with the message is from a CAA protest and is being shared out of context.

Fake News 61: Old video of TikTok user Shadab Khan falsely shared as him showing how to spread coronavirus
Twitter user Deepak Khandwal shared the clip stating, “Shabad Khan has 11 million followers on TikTok and he is promoting how to spread coronavirus.

Fake News 60: Old, unrelated image from Malaysia shared as migrants stranded in Gujarat due to lockdown
An image of a crowd of people sleeping in the lobby of a building is getting shared on social media. It is being claimed that the image is from Gujarat and it depicts the plight of migrant workers stranded in the state.

Fake News 59: Old video shared as the recent incident where police was attacked during lockdown in Aurangabad
On April 15, it was reported that locals in Bihar’s Aurangabad attacked health workers and police personnel during a routine visit for screening residents.

Fake News 58: Video of Man Violating Lockdown in Dehradun Given Communal Spin
The incident happened on 24 March, when a man was violating lockdown rules in Dehradun and was roaming on the road. However, the officer denied any communal angle to the incident

Fake News 57: 2011 Video Of Domestic Help Contaminating Water Peddled With Communal Claim
BOOM found that the clip is eight-and-a-half years old and that the accused did not belong to the Muslim community.

Fake News 56: India TV uses 2017 video to falsely claim Islamic preacher provoked Jamaatis to ‘spit’
The video played by India TV is three years old. The video is about – “What should one do when they get whispers (evil or negative thoughts) about the existence of Allah.”

Fake News 55: Video of women spitting inside houses in Rajasthan’s Kota given false Muslim angle
 “During preliminary investigation, the women admitted that they had thrown spit filled polythene bags into the houses over being denied alms. However, they denied spreading coronavirus infection,” says the report.

Fake News 54: Video of health workers being attacked in Indore falsely shared as ‘Situation in Hyderabad Old city’
‘FACTLY’ has found that the incident took place in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). On 01 April 2020, some locals of Tatpatti Bakhal of Indore had pelted stones at health workers who went there to screen people in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.

Fake News 53: Video of fruit vendors in Indore shared with false anti-Muslim angle
The video claims that Muslim fruit vendors were posing as Hindus but when police inquired truth was found. Vivek Sharma, inspector general (IG), Indore Police stated that the video is at least a week old and the claims made on social media are false. 

Fake News 52: Pakistani Mufti provoking people to flout lockdown shared to target Indian Muslims
A video from Paksitan was shared on social media targetting the Indian Muslim community without providing details such as where the video was shot.

Fake News 51: TV channels give communal twist to Bandra migrant workers gathering
Migrant workers gathered at Bandra station was given communal angle by mainstream media channels by reporting it as people gathered at mosque.

Fake News 50: Photo from Dubai is shared as Muslims offering prayers on the rooftops in India
An image of a group of people offering namaz together on the terrace of buildings is going viral on social media. Claiming it to be Muslims in India.

Fake News 49: Old video of assault due to personal enmity in UP viral with false communal narrative
“The victim was assaulted as [he] had reportedly asked one of the accused to return Rs 1,500 he had lent, they [police] said,” reported The Indian Express on March 31, 2018.

Fake News 48: Republic, ANI Falsely Claim in Madhya Pradesh Tablighi Jamaat attendee Died of COVID-19
We came across a letter written by one member of the family, which disputed the claim that the man had passed away and also said that he had informed authorities.

Fake News 47: Markaz Attendee Thrashed By Cops For Misbehaving With Hospital Staff
A viral post claims that police thrashed a markaz attendee for misbehaving with hospital staff in Ghaziabad. BOOM found that the image was old, and the caption unrelated.

Fake News 46: ANI News: 90 persons corona positive cases are from ‘Single Source’
ANI news Report incorrectly quotes TN Healthy Secy that 90 persons corona positive cases are from ‘Single Source’

Fake News 45: Cropped Fact Check Video Debunking Shah Rukh Khan Donating To Pakistan Revived.
A cropped video of an old fact-check has been revived to falsely claim that Shah Rukh Khan donated Rs 45 crores to Pakistan.

Fake News 44: Mob Pelting Stones During CAA Protests Revived as Muslims attacking police during corona lockdown. BOOM found that the video is from December, 2019, when an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest turned violent in Ahmedabad.

Fake News 43: Video Of Boy Washing Apples In A Sewer In Pakistan Revived “Indian Muslim” boy washing apples in a sewer. The video is originally from Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area, where a boy was caught washing the fruits in the sewer

Fake News 42: “Lotan Nishad Was Killed by Mohammad Sona because of Tableeghi Jamaat”
This Prayagraj Police has debunked the Fake News that “Lotan Nishad Was Ki!led by Mohammad Sona because of Tableeghi Jamaat.

Fake News 41: Aajtak claims Villagers attacked the police ,who reached there in search of Jamatis
Aajtak claiming “Villagers attacked the police ,who reached there in search of Jamatis”
Imran Pratapgarhi debunks the claim with the statement of SSP

Fake News 40: Malicious Video In Circulation Saying Karnataka Panchayat Bans Muslims over COVID-19
It’s mischief involving a Grama Panchayat member and two others. Grama Panchayat has no involvement in this and has no role in this incident. A police case has been registered against the three involved.

Fake News 39: India News calls Assamese migrant worker who allegedly committed suicide as Tablighi Jamaat member
India Today in an attempt to spread Islamophobia writes 2 reports on same incident both are currently live on their website. Their new report debunks their first report of calling Migrant worker as Tablighi Jamaat member

Fake News 38: Corona Positive Patients indent to spread the disease escaped
Bangalore police debunked the claim. One person by name Imran Pasha had escaped from the hospital on 6th April at 10.30 AM. He was later secured at 12.10PM at Mandya city. He was put under hospital isolation.

Fake News 37: Video from Pak falsely linked with Hindu man’s alleged murder by Muslim men in Rajasthan
The same video was also uploaded on YouTube on March 24. As per the description, one Noman Shahid was attacked in Pakistan’s Gojra district. The description also carried the words ” Chak 179 GB.”

Fake News 36: Video viral with false claim that Muslims scatter notes on the road to spread coronavirus
The claim that members of the Muslim community scattered notes to spread coronavirus is false. A man in Delhi’s Budh Vihar dropped the notes after returning from the ATM.

Fake News 35: Hindu men posing as Muslims and threaten to spread Coronavirus caught by Police
Most people on the list denied participating in Tablighi Jamaat event, saying they visited Delhi for personal work or on business. Govt says there’s no such list

Fake News 34: In Chhattisgarh, 108 out of 159 “Tableeghis” turn out to be Hindus.
At least two government officials, who didn’t want to be named, told ThePrint that of the 159, over 100 are Hindus.

Fake News 33: Zee News: AP has 11 COVID19 positive cases related to Tablighi Jamat
As soon as the Government of Arunachal Pradesh was alerted to this report, they lashed out at Zee News for carrying an “inauthentic” report.

Fake News 32: Bawana: Muslim man injecting fruits with spit
ACP Bawana informed that the claim that Ali used injections filled with spit on fruits is false. 

Fake News 31: Doctor died after she was attacked by “Islamic jihadis” in Uttar Pradesh
BOOM found that the pharmacist died of brain hemorrhage in Madhya Pradesh and not due to stone pelting in UP, as is being claimed online.

Fake News 30: Fake sanitizes seized in Bangladesh, pics viral in India with communal spin
At a time India is facing a shortage of face masks and hand sanitisers in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, images of “fake hand sanitisers” have gone viral with a communal spin.

Fake News 29: Video : Call to Boycott Muslim Businesses in Karnataka
Kodagu Superintendent of Police Dr Suman D Pennekar confirmed to The Quint, that the video is old and has been re-shared by some miscreants to spread fake news.

Fake News 28: UP man was sent to spread corona virus
The rumours were spread to settle old scores where Naimuddin had lodged a complaint against one of three arrested.

Fake News 27: Video of an ‘anti-terror attack’ mock drill is being shared as ‘Coronavirus jihadists arrested in UP’
The video is being shared with a misleading claim. The video is actually of a mock drill conducted by Ayodhya police on 2 April.

Fake News 26: Salon attendant applies saliva on customer’s face to spread corona
With a keyword search (saliva face massage) on YouTube, Alt News found this video posted by a channel named Amazing video on June 6, 2015.

Fake News 25: Tablighi Jamaat member roaming naked in isolation ward
Old video from Pakistan falsely viral as Tablighi Jamaat member roaming naked in isolation ward in Uttar Pradesh

Fake News 24: ANI News: Tablighi Jamaat members contacts have been quarantined in Noida
DCP Noida refutes ANI on linking quarantine setup in Sector 5 Harola with Tablighi Jamaat

Fake News 23: Pune doctors in quarantine after Tablighi Jamaat meet attendee tests positive
Asked if the man has any link to the Tablighi Jamaat, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar said the patient does not have any connection to the outfit.

Fake News 22: Muslim vendors have sprung up in Surat to spread coronavirus
Police rubbished the claims, and no media reports backed the narrative put forward in the clip

Fake News 21: Tablighi Jamaat members defecate in open after being refused non-veg food
Saharanpur police investigated the claims about members of Tablighi Jamaat defecating in the open when they weren’t served non-veg food as per their demands. The police found the report to be untrue.

Fake News 20: Mother-daughter duo caught selling drugs in Shaheen Bagh
After rummaging through the results of another reverse image search, we found that the viral video was also published by a Pakistan-based YouTube channel on July 20, 2019. The title reads, ‘Karachi young girl drug dealer arrested

Fake News 19: Haj Bhavan, Bangalore foul play in coronavirus tests
The commissioner said he visited the Haj Bhavan and independently confirmed that it was being wrongly attributed Haj Bhavan Bangalore. 

Fake News 18: Muslim man is flouting quarantine rules and spitting inside bread packets
The Quint can confirm that the video is from the Philippines and first surfaced in September 2019, long before the coronavirus outbreak was first reported

Fake News 17: BJP MP: Jamaat attendees spat at Belagavi hospital staff
This claim has been denied by Belagavi Deputy Commissioner SB Bommanahalli, who said that the people quarantined in the district were not spitting or misbehaving with health workers.

Fake News 16: Muslims are coming out of Hindu temple rooms
A video of Muslim patients exiting a COVID-19 quarantine centre set up in a residential lodging was shared with the false claim that Vinayaka Ganesh temple was used for the purpose.

Fake News 15: Tabligh Jamat youth ‘spitting and misbehaving’ with doctors and staff
The channel’s report was declared as ‘fake’ by the Chhattisgarh state fake news control and special monitoring cell.

Fake News 14: Zee News: Medical staff escorting Tablighi Jamaat men was pelted with stones
The Firozabad police have refuted a media report claiming that a medical team escorting coronavirus-positive members of the Tablighi Jamaat was pelted with stones in Uttar Pradesh

Fake News 13: UP Man shot to death in Kareli over an argument on Tablighi Jamaat congregation
The tweet from Prayagraj Policefurther clarified that no information regarding links of Tabhligi Jamaat with either the victims or the accused have come to light.

Fake News 12: Man rubbing currency notes on his face beaten by police
A video was manufactured to claim that the man who rubbed currency notes on his face, unbothered about coronavirus infection, was beaten by the police. The clip which shows a wounded man is unrelated to this incident.

Fake News 11: Racist heckling falsely viral as Muslim man spits on passenger in New York metro
The social media claim that a Muslim person spat on a man in a New York subway is false and misleading. Several such claims have been made amidst the pandemic which falsely target the Muslim community.

Fake News 10: Hubballi: Locals allege police high-handedness triggered stone-pelting
The stone-pelting incident at Hubballi that the police blamed on Muslims who gathered for the Friday prayers in defiance of the lockdown was actually triggered by the police themselves, locals have claimed.

Fake News 9: Undertrial in Mumbai falsely viral as Nizamuddin markaz attendee spitting at cop
The video is unrelated to Tablighi Jamaat meet and has been shared to falsely portray that the man was an attendee spitting at cops to spread coronavirus infection

Fake News 8: Muslim Foreign Nationals with coronavirus hiding in Patna Mosque to avoid testing
No, foreign nationals from Italy, Iran weren’t hiding in Patna mosque to avoid coronavirus testing

Fake News 7: Muslim worker in restaurant spitting in food to spread coronavirus
Alt News broke the video into multiple keyframes and performed a reverse image search of one of the frames on Google. We found that the video was uploaded by a YouTube channel on April 27, 2019.

Fake News 6: Video Muslim policeman beating a Hindu priest
The social media claims attached to the incident are false on multiple counts – 1) the police officer seen thrashing the priest was not SP Abid Khan but TI Rajkumar Mishra, 2) the priest was not praying alone but among a gathering of at least 50 people

Fake News 5: News agency ANI runs a baseless story claiming Hindus denied rations in Karachi No evidence supports Indian news agency’s baseless story claiming Hindus denied rations in Karachi

Fake News 4: Fake whatsapp videos led to attack on health team in Indore
Fake WhatsApp videos claiming that healthy Muslims are being taken away and injected with the virus have been doing the rounds of Tatpatti Bakhal and adjoining localities.

Fake News 3: Muslims sneeezing in Unison to spread Corona
The claim is misleading. Since the video shows people inhaling and exhaling in an exaggerated manner, a Google search with the keywords ‘Muslim inhaling ritual’ was done which led to the concept of ‘Zikr’.

Fake News 2: Muslims licking utensils to spread Corona
We found that the video was shared even earlier, on July 30, 2018, on Twitter where the user wrote, “Bohras eat together in a big “thaal”. This one is from a jamatkhana where on several occasions there is food served. What’s happening here is taking not wasting food at an extreme level.”

Fake News 1: Muslim man spitting on fruits to spread Corona
Sheru’s daughter, Fiza told The Quint that her father is not well and the video in circulation is old. She further said that her father had a habit of counting money like that and that he was just sorting the fruits in the same way.

Must Read: Surge in TikTok videos aimed at misleading Indian Muslims over coronavirus precautions

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Leon Casino Ελλάδα ️ Επίσημη ΙστοσελίδαΑνάλυση Του Καζίνο Της Leon, Ένα Από Τα Δημοφιλέστερα Διαδικτυακά Καζίνο Στην ΕλλάδαContentΗ Ομάδα Μας Από Ειδικούς Στο ΚαζίνοΤα...


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